Business Continuity

Business Continuity = a Plan B. (You don’t have a Plan unless you have a Plan B).Business Continuity Planning at Conlin Consulting Ann Arbor

Conlin Consuting can help make sure the critical functions of your business will keep operating even if disaster strikes. We want to help you plan and prepare a unique Business Continuity Plan that includes the 3 key elements of every successful BCP:




Business Continuity focuses on your business as a whole but there are subsets of the business continuity plan that need to be carefully considered and put in place. These include Disaster Recovery & Backup options and strategies.


Business Continuity at Conlin Consulting Ann ArborDisaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a set of procedures and policies put in place to safeguard the IT and technology infrastructure and functions of your business.

What are the best options of Disaster Recovery for your business? We’d like to  show you. Call Conlin Consulting today.


There are many forms of backup and backup strategies that are needed for your business. From Hardware backups to Cloud backups, to large scale backups to incremental backups, we’d like to help you figure out the most efficient backup formula for your company.   Call Conlin Consulting today.

Managed Services

Conlin Consulting can manage a range of services for your business to help you cut expenses and improve

Let Conlin Consulting oversee and take responsibility for certain services so that you can focus on your customers, clients and the work that you do best.

From old site: Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) also know as Managed Services is is our core client service. RMM means proactive solutions to solving many network problems and providing ongoing automated maintenance of your business network. Less unproductive downtime for routine maintenance which reduces overall IT Support costs.

Remote Monitor and Management provides a 24 hour automated view into the most critical pieces and parts of your business network. Managed Services offers the broadest and deepest support available to monitor and manage your entire network environment. We discover, monitor and manage servers, desktops, laptops, virtual machines, switches, routers, firewalls, gateways, phones, printers, even multi-function copiers and more.


Why you should move your company to the CLOUDConlin Consulting Cloud Computing Concept

Managing Information Systems can be challenging and waste unnecessary management resources. It is problematic when the bulk of your time is spent on server room maintenance, upgrades and allocations of electricity and air conditioning rather than focusing on your business’s core mission and clientele.

Moving your company to the CLOUD is the solution. Proven to reduce costs, increase performance, flexibility and accessibility while heightening security CLOUD services will allow your company to grow indefinitely, according to need.

CLOUD is the future and the right thing for today’s business.  Let Conlin Consulting bring the benefits of the CLOUD to you today.

Data Security

Man using laptop beside servers in data centerWe understand the importance of our client’s business data. It is also very clear that every network is vulnerable to malicious intruders, destructive viruses, and from identity and corporate thieves, both from the outside (the internet) and from inside (your network). Conlin Consulting utilizes a multi-layered blend of hardware and software to insure that our client networks are protected from unauthorized intrusion and virus corruption.


Security is a critical consideration for anyone connecting to the Internet. Equally as important for businesses and individuals alike, whether you have a broadband cable or DSL, a dedicated circuit, or even a dial-up connection they all need some type of firewall and intrusion prevention system.

In addition, we strongly recommend regular network maintenance and automated implementation of security patches and updates to ensure that your network maintains the highest level of security protection possible. Ongoing monitoring of any network is important as malicious intruders are constantly developing new ways to breach current security technology. Software and hardware must quickly adapt to the ever-changing threats that have become a daily part of our networking existence.

Virus Protection

Conlin Consulting understands the damage that can be inflicted by the increasing numbers of destructive virus threats and the costs involved with the disaster recovery of infected computers and networks. We believe that an ounce of prevention can save our clients from devastating consequences and unexpected expense. We are strong advocates of incorporating industry leading, multi-layered virus protection products and methodologies to keep your network safe. Additionally, we constantly monitor new developments of malicious viruses and immediately notify our clients as emergency software fixes and updates become available.

It’s never too late to incorporate a sound security and antivirus protection scheme into your business or home network. Conlin Consulting can assist you every step of the way.


Are you adhering to all HIPAA rules and regulations?

Hospitals, medical practices, healthcare providers and their vendors are required by law to be HIPAA-compliant. Audits and penalties of HIPAA compliancy and non-compliancy have increased significantly.  Being proactive about meeting HIPAA standards at your company can help alleviate fines, security breaches and lawsuits.
Conlin Consulting specializes in HIPAA and related compliance regulations by providing assessments and training to get your team up to speed on the latest HIPAA procedures. we have the experience and qualifications to implement HIPAA standards and ensure your company is meeting those standards year in and year out.

Let Conlin Consulting simplify the complex set of HIPAA regulations. Contact us today.


Are you PCI compliant?

All retailers, no matter how big or small, that accept credit cards are subject to PCI rules and regulations. These rules require retailers to adhere to strict security protocols and standards.   They are also important because they help you secure your customers’ credit/debit card information.  PCI compliancy specifications are constantly changing with the constantly evolving technology that surrounds it. .Being proactive about meeting PCI standards for your company can help alleviate security breaches and fines issued for non-compliance.

Conlin Consulting specializes in PCI and related compliance regulations by providing assessments to get your company up to speed with the latest procedures and protocols. We have the experience and qualifications to implement  standards and ensure your company is meeting those standards year in and year out.

Let Conlin Consulting simplify the complex set of PCI regulations and keep you up to date. Contact us today.

Hardware Replacement

Who do you call when you need hardware replaced?

Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported as of July 14, 2015.  Make sure your company’s OS migration is a done completely and successfully by contacting Conlin Consulting today.  Conlin Consulting offers onsite hardware replacement services. We have the experience and expertise to recommend the newest and most efficient hardware for your business needs or repair current hardware systems.

Conlin Consulting technical service professionals provide:

1. Help with opening a customer service ticket.

2. Walking you through systems and hardware troubleshooting first before we send out a technician.

3. Quick and reliable onsite service and resources.

4.  A range of spare equipment on hand that can be quickly and efficiently installed by our team of service technicians.

Call us with any questions you have concerning your computer hardware replacement or repair needs. We can help!

Hardware as Service (HaaS)

Today’s demanding business environment requires that you manage your IT investment and network infrastructure more carefully than ever before. Over time your network has not just grown, but more than likely has become a blend of products from a variety of manufacturers. Whether this product integration is simply the result of buying the most logical solution at that particular time, or an outcome of acquisitions and mergers, this mixed environment can be a challenge to administer and maintain.

Our consultants and network engineers have been designing, installing, maintaining, supporting, monitoring, and managing networking systems since 1984. They understand that multi-vendor environments are the nature of the modern networking beast. We recommend and utilize solutions from industry leading manufacturers of hardware and software. Our brand confidence means many of the products we recommend have proven their reliability over hundreds of Conlin Consulting installations.

Although our solutions often include a wide range of computer networking hardware and software applications, we have long standing relationships and strategic partnerships with many preferred vendors and manufacturers. Those preferred partnerships include many familiar manufacturers:


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Datto Partner Channel_APPROVED


Conlin Consulting offers flexible access Hosting services for your website and email.

Access your email from anywhere in the world using a web browser, or with any POP3 or IMAP email client.  Experience your own professional email identity, such as without the maintenance, cost, and resources normally required to host your email internally.

Eliminate the large costs associated with setting up and maintaining an email server such as: server hardware costs; operating system, post office, antivirus and spam software; filtered and emergency power; and a fast, always-on internet connection. Outsourcing your email also eliminates the costs and hassle of having an email administrator or IT department monitoring and maintaining the email system.

Your own company domain means:

  • No more
  • Improve your professional image and gain credibility
  • No more unwanted advertisements at the bottom of your emails
  • Unlimited alias addresses, such as: sales@, service@, accounting@

Conlin Consulting offers a full range of email server hosting packages, from 1 mailbox to 500. All our hosting packages include spam and virus protection, provide complete security, imap support, include a feature-rich web based email client, and provide web based remote administration.

Domain Name Registration

Register, renew and manage all your Domain Names through Conlin Consulting.  We can register your chosen domain name while your website is being created.  Call or email us the domain names(s) of your choice and provide your contact information.  We will verify that your requested domain name is available and contact you to finalize the registration.