Tech Assessment

Conlin Consulting provides tech assessments that evaluate the effectiveness of  your company’s hardware and software.  Our assessments are future oriented and take into consideration global perspectives and strides while also providing recommendations to keep you competitive with your competitor’s hardware and software.


Security Assessment

The goal of Conlin Consulting’s Security Assessment (Security Audit or Security Review) is to study the security of your company’s systems, identify any improvements that could be made to those secure systems and make recommendations of what new programs, if any, to put in place.

All security assessments made by Conlin Consulting are followed up with both an in-person meeting and a written report of all findings and recommendations. Conducting routine security assessments is highly recommended.

Conlin Consulting has staff with the following vendor-neutral professional certifications for performing security assessments:

  • CISA
  • BS7799 Lead Auditor – ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Auditor/Lead Auditor

PDF’s & Whitepages

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